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Miss  Belleza Latina El Paso

belleza lep.png

      Lijuro Production’s proudly presents Miss Belleza Latina El Paso a reality-like Pageant. Miss Belleza Latina El Paso brings the borderland Latina women the opportunity to compete for a one-year contract with Lijuro Production’s plus an all-expense paid trip for a national casting of their choice plus many more prizes!!!

      Miss Belleza Latina is best described as a non-traditional beauty pageant and is focused on the entertainment industry versus just classic beauty. 

Miss Belleza Latina El Paso contestants will face weekly challenges such as but not limited to modeling, acting, singing, dancing, and on-air-talent. The contestants will not only face these challenges, but the challenges are strategized to be either at their worst case scenario or with a twist in hopes that the contestants learn and overcome not only the challenges but their fears in order to do well at a national level.

      This year’s prize package for Miss Belleza Latina El Paso 2015 includes an all-expense paid trip to a national audition or casting of the winner’s choice. The winner will receive individualized image consulting, a professional photo-shoot and proper training in walking, dieting, exercising and any area Miss Belleza Latina El Paso Directives feel the delegate is in need of plus many other prizes. Prize Package estimated over $5,000! 

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