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El Paso Fashion Week

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In collaboration with Dillard’s at Cielo Vista Mall, El Paso Fashion Week's inauguration took place

in May 2010; due to the high demand making a comeback in Spring 2011. In March 2012,

El Paso Fashion Week debuted a second time as an independent event under the directorship of

Lijuro Productions reaching more than 5,000 customers, business executives, and media

outlets. We have surpassed this number each year since 2013 and have made a strong social

media impact by having a 50,000+ reach throughout the week of our fashion events. As a bridge

between multiple markets, EPFW allows investors to connect with fashion photographers,

designers, models, agencies, and entrepreneurs in the industry. We accomplish this through a

dynamic approach to advertisement that utilizes local and international radio, television, print,

broadcast, and social media coverage (estimated cost $10,000).

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